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Welcome to my professional page Olivier.voyant, for consultations of clairvoyance / mediumistic guidance and bio energy care and also my shop of esoteric articles.

My name is Olivier, and since childhood I have been drawn to strange phenomena, unexplained mysteries, enchanted forests, and all sorts of other things.

When I was very young, I had premonitory dreams, and that's when I began to discover my abilities...

At the beginning I dreamed like every little boy of the superpowers of the superheroes of Marvel books and Comics books.

​ Then by reading magazines and articles, I realized that there were fantastic places everywhere in the world, filled with energy, testimonies of people who thought they saw such and such a thing in the sky, haunted castles, people who can predict the future, and others who can heal people, etc....

And from there I understood that I too could be strange.... That my feelings, my dreams, were perhaps not simple dreams or feelings of Mr everyone.

One day I tried with a classic deck of cards (a deck of 32). Then I bought a mini Tarot de Marseille. Revelation was my first Oracle game and the others that followed. Then one day, the runes called me and since then I use them on a daily basis. There are encounters in the well-being community at the level of energy care which have been pretty synchronicities.

I am trained in Usui reiki, and also in magnetism, and dowsing. I met a healer who trained me for almost a year on the job, the old-fashioned way, with bio energy (which has nothing to do with what other therapists practice).

I discovered that what I felt was called mediumship... But I still prefer to say "my instinct" or "my little voice" ....  I conjure up fire, shingles, worms, warts, etc...

Since then I have been training people in Usui Reiki, magnetism, dowsing, runes, oracles, awakening & development  of their psychic abilities, pendulum and other things that you will find here on this site.


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